1. Light Weight and Cost effective
The Rising panels are made of EPS, Cement, and Calcium Silicate Board with light weight concrete which gives a high breaking strength and surface hardness of face material, as well as light weight of core material. This also achieves the compound collision resistance compared with traditional wall of clay bricks or blocks. The weight of EPS light weight panels is 1/10 of traditional brick construction which further reduces the size and load bearing requirements of beams, columns, and foundations making huge difference in the construction cost

2. Easy and Faster construction
Being Pre-casted and light weight makes it easy for faster construction. As it is a dry construction no water curing is needed which saves lot of time and money. It can be cut, drilled or faced easily which makes the assembly easy and convenient; the speed is 6-7 times higher than the traditional block construction and 50 times faster than brick construction. Four persons can finish 100 m2 in 8 hours! By using Rising EPS panels we can save on Cost, weight and construction time a lot.

3. Fireproof
Rising panels have good fireproof performance. Tested and certified by the national construction materials quality supervision and inspection center and BMTPC the fireproof limit is 4 hours and it is in category A for incombustibility. The fire proof tested has classified this in grade B2.

4. Water proof and Damp proof
Calcium Silicate board has excellent waterproof properties. In the spray test, under water flow of 0.5L/min.m²and wind pressure of 250 Pa for continuously for 6 hours in two days, the backside of wall panel got water penetration. Rising panels can be used easily in high rain areas and places that needs water proofing as kitchen, bathroom, basement, pool and so on.

5. Non-toxic& Environment-friendly
Rising EPS Panels are certified as Green Building Material by the Environment Protection Bureau as the panels do not contain any harmful substance. It is classified as zero radioactivity Grade A compliance product in accordance with International Standard GB6566-2001.

6. Energy saving & Environment-friendly
The core materials of Rising panels is EPS grains which has good temperature transmission resistance from inside to outside and outside to inside saving huge energy requirement to keep the normal temperature in all weather conditions. It is the best choice for energy saving. Temperature resistance is from -15ºC - +50ºC. All the raw materials used are as per requirements of Environment Protection Department so no pollution in production and no pollution while using.