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Human need for mass housing and compulsion for a cleaner environment has forced the world to adopt new products and technologies which are economical, user-friendly, cost-effective, easy-to-adapt, fastest construction, durable and environmentally friendly.

Rising Japan Infra is a pioneer in this field and has done lot of research & development to come out with products meeting all demands of the changed parameters. Rising Precast® Hybrid Building System consisting of Rising EPS Cement Panels and Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs are the outcome of these efforts.

Rising EPS Cement panels are light-weight, energy saving, fire insulated, waterproof, weather proof, easy for construction, High strength and have many other advantages. It is produced in India now with automatic modern plants and technology from our principles in Japan and China. It is now the favorite product of building industry world over, be it a small house in the village or skyscrapers in modern cities, they are now in use.

Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs are ready to use slabs for roofing and flooring and are best combined with Rising EPS Cement panels as walling material. Combination of these two gives the ultimate economic advantages and time saving in modern buildings.

Rising EPS Cement Panels and Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs are approved by many international Testing labs and organizations. The Building Material & Technology Promotion Council under the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India has approved this as new and innovative technologies to be used in India. The Central Public Works Department, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has also issued the Schedule of Rates for our panels. Furthermore, Rising EPS Cement Panels are listed as an approved product by the Ministry as well.

Based on the various approvals we have received, from the Ministries, BMPTC, SOR from CPWD, and tests certificates from different agencies, various government and public-sector corporations are exclusively using Rising EPS Cement Panels building system in their projects.

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