Advantages & Uses of

Rising EPS Cement Panels & Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core Slabs

Using pre reinforced Rising EPS Cement Panels and Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs reduces the overall construction cost in many ways in a project. Being easy to install and light weight it increases the construction speed and reduces the construction time drastically, resulting into huge reduction in the labour cost and other inputs including most valuable water and Save the environment.

Rising panels and slabs are light weight and can be used in different soil conditions. As the dead weight of the panels & slabs are low compared to normal construction it is also suitable in low dead weight bearing soils as the superstructure is lighter reducing the material requirement in the foundation ultimately reducing the construction cost.

Rising EPS Cement Panels walls has very low thermal conductivity value compared to others therefore in summer it keeps the interior cooler and in winter in keeps the building warmer by preventing the external effect of the environment resulting into saving the energy requirement for heating or cooling up to 60-80% and are more comfortable for the inhabitant in terms of heating and cooling.

It has very good sound insulation for peaceful indoor environment.

The Silicon surface and core EPS prevents the termites, insects and rodents from attacks on the wall.

It also helps the walls to fight moisture and makes it water resistant.

It requires minimum long-term maintenance, especially in areas prone to extreme weather and temperature conditions like summer, winter, snow, heavy rains and high winds.

Walls made of EPS CSR panels, can withstand wind velocities of more than 300 Km/hr and endure Earthquakes of up to 0.4g Ground Acceleration or more than 7.2 on the Richter scale.

Similarly Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs are also strong lightweight slabs most suitable for roofing and flooring giving huge advantages compared to traditional construction.

Advantages of Rising EPS Panels

In short Rising Japan EPS Cement panels & Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs are:

  1. Light Weight and Cost Effective
  2. Easy and Faster Construction
  3. High Banging Strength
  4. Fire Resistant
  5. Sound Insulation and absorption capacity
  6. Water Proof and Damp proof
  7. Low Shrinkage
  8. Smooth and Flat Surface
  9. Environment-friendly and Non-toxic
  10. Increased Net Area which saves money
  11. Light weight and earthquake resistant
  12. Energy saving environment friendly
  13. Termites, Insects and rodents proof
  14. Total Quality Control & Anti-Manipulation construction
  15. Permeability Resistance
  16. Heavy Bending strength


With the above listed advantages Rising Japan EPS panels can be used in varieties of application and projects. Some are listed below:

  1. Rural Housing
  2. Low cost Housing
  3. Earth quake Zone housing and construction
  4. Remote area housing and construction
  5. Urban slums Housing
  6. Rivers / Canals embankments and lining
  7. Highways and Bridges side walls railings
  8. Railways and Metro stations and rail lines boundary walls
  9. Boundary Walls
  10. Multi –storey Houses as walls, floors and roof panels
  11. Commercial complexes as walls, floors and roof panels
  12. Up to two floor houses without pillar support.
  13. Walkways in public places
  14. Pavements along the roads
  15. Any open area needing fast coverage & Non load-bearing applications.


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